History of Kangra

Dates' Comparison

Kangra (Trigarth)
C. 4300 B.C. Rajanaka Bhumi Chandra founded the Katoch Dynasty. Egyptians built the pyramids.
C. 3000 B.C. The Rajas of Kangra fought against the Hindu deity Lord Rama. Harappa & Mohenjodaro civilizations. (C. 2500 B.C.) Invention of Bronze.
* Invention of Hieroglyphs. (Egypt)
C. 1500 B.C. (234th) Raja Susarma Chandra fought against the Pandavas in the Mahabharata
* Built the fort of Kangra.
The Battle of Mahabharata. Shang Dynasty (China).
* Konossas (City) damaged by earthquake.
C. 900 B.C. The Katoch kings fought the Persian & Assyrian attacks. Punjab under the Queen of Assyria. Town of Byzantine was founded.
* Alphabet introduced.
* Rome founded. (C.753 B.C.)
C. 500 B.C. To C. B.C. Rajanaka Parmanand Chandra fought Alexander the great. (Better known as Raja Porus)
* The Katoch Rajas fought Ashoka the Great - lost their lands in Multan.
Alexanders invasion of Punjab. (C. 326 B.C.)
Ashoka the Great. (C. 275 B.C.)
Vikram Aditya. (C. 56 B.C.)
Maya Civilization.
Life of Socrates.
* Great Wall of China Built.
* Ceaser master of Rome. (C. 45 B.C.)
C. 100 A.D. The Rajas of Kangra fought numerous battles against the Rajas of Kannauj. Reign of Kanishka. Augustus became Emperor of Rome.
C. 470 A.D. The Rajas of Kangra fought the Rajas of Kashmir - for the supremacy in the hills. Gupta dynasty. Christianity accepted.
C. 643 A.D. Huien Tsang visited the Kingdom of Kangra. (Jallandhra) Muslim settlements in the N. West of India. (C. 750 A.D.) St. Sophia built.
* Tang Dynasty China.
C. 853 A.D. Rajanaka Prithvi Chandra's Reign.   First King of Scotland.
* First viking raids.
* Invention of gun powder.
C. 903 A.D. Rajanaka Jai Chandra-I built the Temples of Masroor and Baijnath.
* Coinage of Kangra from this period can be seen in the Himachal Museums.
  Sung Dynasty-China.
C. 1009 A.D. Mahmood Ghazni invades Kangra. (Captures a large booty) India, collection of powerful feudal states. Norman conquest by King William of England.
* First crusade. (A.D. 1071 to 1270)
C. 1170 A.D. Kingdom of Kangra is divided into two parts - Kangra and Jaswan. The Katoch armies fight against Mohammad Gauri. (The lands of Jallandhra were lost in about C. 1220 A.D.) Mohammad Gauri is invited by Raja Jai Chandra of kannauj to invade Delhi against Prithvi Raj Chauhan. (C. 1193 A.D.) Ireland conquered by Henry-II of England.
* Persecution of Jews in Europe.
C. 1341 A.D. Rajanaka Rup Chandra's looting expeditions take him till the gates of Delhi.
* The Katoch kings fight Taimur.
* Tughlaqs grant the title of MIYAN to the Katoch royal family.
Reign of Feroz Shah Tughlaq.
* Taimurs invasion of India.
Genghis Khan's reign & his grandson Kublai Khan.
(Emperor of the largest Empire ever ruled by one man)
*Aztec Power.
C. 1405 A.D. Further division of the Kangra State.
State of Guler is founded.
Humayun (son of Taimur) is expelled from India. Ming dynasty-China.
* Inca Power.
* First printing press in Europe. (C. 1440 A.D.)
C. 1556 A.D. Sikandar Shah & The Rajas of Kangra combine their forces against Akbar,
- but were defeated.
* The Raja of Kangra renders his alliance to Emperor Akbar and in return are given the title of Maharaja.
* The Mughals attack the fort of Kangra 52 times but fail to defeat it.
Babar first Emperor of India.
Akbar the Great is Emperor from C. 1542 to 1606 A.D.
Columbus discovers West-Indies.
* Vasco Da Gama reaches India.
* Spanish invade America.
* Ottoman Empire at its highest.
* Spanish invade Peru.
* Union of Wales.
C. 1620 A.D. Mughals occupy the fort of Kangra. Taj Mahal is built. (C. 1650 A.D.) Mongolians over run China.
C. 1700 A.D. Maharaja Bhim Chandra units with Guru Gobind Singh against Aurangzeb. He receives the title of Dharam Rakshak from the Guru. The Mughal Empire starts to fall.
* Clive wins Bengal.
Persia conquered by the Ottomans.
* Spanish War of succession.
* Union of Scotland.
C. 1750 A.D. Maharaja Ghamand Chandra is made the first ever Rajput Nizam by the Durranis. Ahmed Shah Durrani Master of Punjab. China conquers Tibet and Nepal.
C. 1775 A.D. To
C. 1820 A.D.
The Golden age of Kangra under Maharaja Sansar Chandra - Kangra Miniature paintings flourish under him. The rise of the British, Sikhs and Maratha power in India. Napoleon Bonaparte. (C. 1796 A.D.)
Union of Ireland.
C. 1820 A.D. Decline of the Kangra empire, Kangra fort occupied by the Sikhs after the Gurkha War. Sikhs rise under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Bombardment of Nanking (China) by the British.
C. 1846 A.D. British annex Kangra from the Sikhs.
* The Katoch Kings fight for their independence against the British, Maharaja Parmod Chandra loses the battle and is taken prisoner to Almora - he dies there.
The Indian Mutiny. Peru becomes independent.
* Livingston in Africa.
* Career of Bismarck.
* Congress of Vienna.
C. 1924 A.D. Maharaja Jai Chandra of Lambagraon - Kangra is given the title of Maharaja as a hereditary distinction along with a personal honour of 11 gun salutes and is also returned the fort of Kangra. (in ruins after the 1905 Earthquake) India completely under the British rule.
* Freedom movement of India.
First World war.
* Mexico brakes away from Spain.
* The American civil war.
* Russian revolution.
C. 1947 A.D. Lambagraon - Kangra under Maharaja Dhruv Dev Chandra. (Last ruler of Kangra) merges his state with the Union of India.
H.H. The Dalai Lama arrives in Dharamsala Kangra. (C. 1957 A.D.)
India gains Independence.
* lndia~Pakistan partition.
2nd World war.
* People's Republic of China created.
* Jewish persecution.
C.1972 A.D. The Princely Order is abolished in India and the Rajas of Kangra become ordinary citizens.
* The district of Kangra is merged with the newly founded state of Himachal Pradesh.
Indira Gandhi declares Emergency in India. Neil Armstrong is the 1st man on the moon.