History of Kangra

Present Day Kangra

Royal Kangra Family with H. H. Dalai Lama
Royal Kangra Family with H. H. Dalai Lama

The valley of Kangra since the time of mythology to till date, has not lost its fame or importance.

The ancient religion of Buddhism (founded by Gautam Buddha) which had once left the boundaries of India and was flourishing in our neighboring countries - returned to the Kangra valley at Dharamsala, a hill station town of Himachal Pradesh.

In A.D. 1957 His Holiness The Dalai Lama (recognized as the head of Buddhists in the World) migrated to India with his people from Tibet because the Chinese had forcefully occupied their country.

The Government of India gave permission to his Holiness to establish his headquarters and the Tibetan Government in exile at Dharamsala (Kangra). There are now many Tibetan centers all over India but the most important one is the center in McLeodganj, a part of Dharamsala (Kangra).

Since A.D. 1957 to now, Dharamsala has not only become the most important place for Buddhist teachings but it has also become an international tourist destination (it now features on the world map)- more international tourists come to Dharamsala than any other city or town of India.

  • On 28th December, A.D. 1999, the 14 years old boy better Known as the 17th Karmapa Lama (head of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism) escaped from his Chinese controlled monastery at Tsurphu to India. On 5th January, 2000 he reached Dharamsala (Kangra), where he is presently residing.